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Crimson Red Vinyl. Limited to 300 Copies.

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SRA in collaboration with Don Giovanni Records is proud to present the debut full length recording from Exmaid.

Exmaid began as the songwriting vehicle for Miranda Taylor, a mainstay of the New Jersey punk scene, formerly of Hunchback, Black Wine, and Full of Fancy. As Miranda began circulating demos of what would become the bulk of Fair Sex, she approached Philadelphia post-punk trio Psychic Teens to collaborate and help to flesh out her musical vision. The result retains Miranda’s sweet yet immediate vocal delivery while at the same time expanding the project’s palate to incorporate primal riffing and bleary-eyed noise rock. After playing dozens of shows across the Northeast, the foursome eagerly to entered the studio in Summer 2017 to record their debut full-length.

Within the first few seconds of the album opener “Vamp,” Exmaid scrapes and claws for your undivided attention with anthemic grunge and light and dark (mostly dark) imagery. But over Fair Sex’s ten tracks, there are enough twists and turns to allow Exmaid to show off their musical arsenal while keeping the focus on Miranda’s precise and personal song-crafting style. With Exmaid poised to spend 2018 playing to as many audiences as possible, you can expect that Fair Sex will become the soundtrack to convenience store hangs, skate sessions, shitty parties, awesome parties, and the next American Revolution.

Exmaid: Miranda Taylor, Dave Cherasaro, Joe DeCarolis, Larry Ragone.

EXMAID – “Fair Sex” by EXMAID

A1. Vamp
A2. Sports
A3. Chained
A4. Cryin’
A5. Sludge
B1. Devoted
B2. Catholic
B3. Easy
B4. Surface
B5. Dumb

2018 SRA Records.

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