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For the first time on CD, a comprehensive collection of the band’s music is finally available. All of the band’s official releases have been re-mixed and re-mastered: NEXT LP, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION EP and compilation tracks. + unreleased tracks, alternate versions, live tracks and early rehearsal tapes and the never before released, the classic fan favorite “Dumb Cops Attacked by Squirrels.”

The “LAST” anthology also includes the DVD documentary film, “Stories of Old,” which tells the tale of the band’s members, its history and all things “Philly.” Chronicling Pagan Babies from their pre-formation era to the 2007 reunion, the “Stories of Old” documentary film takes the viewer on a trip back in time to the Philly Hardcore scene of the mid 80’s. The DVD includes tons of never-before-seen video from the band’s personal archives, new footage and accounts of the band’s history as told by its members and fans, all against the backdrop of old Philly Hardcore haunts.
On July 14th 2007, 18 years after they played together for the “LAST” time, Pagan Babies returned to the stage for the “Legends of Philly Hardcore” show. This set is captured in a multi camera shoot and presented here in its entirety.

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