EX FRIENDS – “Animal Needs” 7 inch


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From the review on Noisey:

“You know that sketchy friend you have who will show up at your house at 1 AM and tell you to come for a ride? You’re not exactly sure you want to go because you have no idea where you’ll end up. Maybe you’ll have to fight some random dudes in a bar or maybe you’re about to be the lookout while he steals a bunch of copper wire. Philly’s Ex Friends is that guy.

Their debut LP released last year, Rules for Making Up Words, was a nice little burst of catchy pop punk, and basically what you’d expect from members of Plow United and Beach Slang. But on their new EP, Animal Needs, the five-piece seems intent on branching out and throwing you for an unpredictable loop in the process. In only four songs, the EP spreads itself from an opener whose jangly repetitive guitar riff and raw male/female vocal combo would make Fucked Up proud. The EP later shifts to a minute-long straightforward punk song “Word Police” before landing on a closer that, out of nowhere, busts out a saxophone. And not a two-note ska saxline either, but a classical musican’s sax.

So while Ex Friends are still testing out how far they can stretch their sound, we’re willing to take the ride with them. As long as we don’t end up in jail again. Check out the EP below which is out next week from Coolidge Records and catch them on tour. Bring bailout money.”

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