FOD / EX FRIENDS split 7″


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The third in the FOD Fall 2015 Split 7″ Series.

Transparent red vinyl. Download code.


Rolling into their fourth decade as hardcore punk innovators, Philadelphia’s FLAG
OF DEMOCRACY have decided to mix things up a little, doling out their new
songs over a series of split 7″s with like­-minded bands. This time around it’s their
(now defunct) Philly neighbors, EX FRIENDS a five­-piece band of basement lifers,
featuring members of BEACH SLANG, PLOW UNITED and a lot of great Philly
bands you probably haven’t heard of but definitely should have. For their part,
F.O.D. crush their way through three songs in under five minutes, each one a
reminder that F.O.D. never got anywhere near the credit they deserve as pioneers
of loud, fast music that was both melodic and aggressive. EX FRIENDS on the
other hand churn out two of the witty, strange and very catchy punk anthems they
were (un)known for during their three­-year existence. As it turns out, these two
songs were the last two the band ever recorded. It’s fitting they ended up on a split
with F.O.D., a band that they collectively revered.

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