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The HIRS Collective/Peeple Watchin’ Split 7″
11 – Violet
5 – black

A split 7″ record with +HIRS+/Peeple Watchin’ (Sadie & Jake from G.L.O.S.S.)

Jenna Pup of the HIRS Collective and Sadie Switchblade of Peeple Watchin’ have been friends and supportive of each others work for years, maintaining a correspondence from opposite sides of the country. The two bands couldn’t be more different sonically, but are tied together because of the commonality of the lived experiences of the members of each band as queer and trans* women and their mutual love for each other’s dope ass music. Peeple Watchin’ is musically akin to bands like The Credentials and The Haverchucks with gruff vocals that fall neatly in the middle-ground between singing and yelling and basically create the perfect soundtrack to drinking lots of beer while celebrating the company of good friends and trustworthy allies. HIRS, however, is more like a number of shots of tequila that gear you up to throw a brick through the window of the business of an abusive boss or the home of a manipulative ex-partner. In the true spirit of self-sufficiency, all of the beats for HIRS 200+ song discography are played by a drum machine that Jenna herself programs; this self-sufficiency which has them ideologically playing their own game, one which places them in opposition to the world at large. The two complementary sides of this release seem to represent the two sides of a psyche of individuals who feel bothered at every turn by enemies and non-acquaintances, and the different forms of emotional refuge sought when you can really only depend on yourself.
-Pierce Jordan of Soul Glo



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